2023 Ultimate Gift Guide for Ceramicists: Unleash Creativity with These Artistic Treasures

2023 Ultimate Gift Guide for Ceramicists: Unleash Creativity with These Artistic Treasures

Choosing the perfect gift for the passionate ceramicist in your life can be both exciting and challenging. Whether they are a seasoned artist or just starting their clay-filled journey, this curated gift guide is designed to inspire and enhance their ceramic experience. Here are my personal favorites to share with the clay-lover in your life.

I try to move away from Amazon links (because Besos does not need more $$$) and I incorporated more small, local, minority businesses in this gift guide! Share it if you have someone who would like these!

Books & Videos related to Pottery

1. Amazing Glaze by Gabriel Kline ($20~)

This is for someone who wants to explore making their own glaze. I dabbled in making glazes (see posts here) but I also buy commercial glaze. Understanding how glaze is made & different recipes of them can be very helpful for a ceramicist. It opens many more rabbit holes for one to dive in. Highly recommend it!

Pro tip: buy them used or borrow from your local library for free!


2. By My Hand by Florian Gadsby ($32~)

A lovely memoir with LOTS of knowledge on pottery. Hands down the best pottery book out there. The binding and texture of the paper are also amazing and enjoyable.


3. Ceramic Monthly Subscription ($40-50 for a year)

This magazine issues every month and includes lots of useful information such as current trends, feature ceramicists, as well as workshops & fellowships around the world. Personally, I would go with the print only version as I enjoy flipping through books, and it’s cheaper than having both the print & digital version!


4. Ceramic Materials Workshop ($400+)

If you really want to splurge (or perhaps contribute / help your ceramic-loving person in life) to take the best, most comprehensive glaze class, here it is! This one is online only and they have other options. This jump started my glaze making tremendously.


5. The Greatest Pottery throw-down on Max ($10-100)

One of the most fun pottery shows featuring amateur ceramicists every season going through different challenges set up by the hosts, and exploring their art boundaries. I appreciate that it is not as dramatized as most American competition shows. I drew a lot of inspiration from these participants and also commiserate with their pain of how difficult it is to control pottery sometimes!

Tools & Supplies:

1. Shimpo Banding wheel ($60-70)

The reason you buy the more expensive, pottery specific banding wheel is for the accurate concise turning of the wheel. This wheel can turn so smoothly it makes your work more professional looking overall. If you glaze by hand (drawing instead of dipping), do detailed handbuilding work, a banding wheel is your best friend.

Pro tip: check Facebook marketplace and local pottery shop first!


2. Giffin Grip ($200)

For intermediate potters out there who’s tired of making stupid little tootsie roll logs of clay to secure their pots for trimming. I would get the mini version (not the full version which is $250) because this mini version allows more space between the grip & the splash pan of a regular wheel head so the trimming bits can fall into the splash pan instead of on the floor.

Pro tip: check Facebook marketplace and local pottery shop first!


3. Diamond Core tools ($10+)

Industry most expensive swirls. I still don’t have any of these tools and survived just fine. They are the “Patagucci” of the pottery world. A gift card of any amount can also be purchased so they can pick their own tools!


4. Tungsten Carbide Trimming tools from HsinChuen Lin ($85+)

If your friend has been doing pottery for a while, they would have heard of the Tungsten Carbide trimming tools. It is extremely sharp and smooth. It also creates “chatter” on many clay bodies.


5. Cute Pottery Aprons on Etsy ($30-60)

Clay gets messy and having another apron is always helpful to keep things clean!


6. Cara Mae Pottery hand cream ($20+)

I’ve heard great things from Cara Mae’s pottery hand cream, but being me, I never like to splurge on myself. This is a perfect gift for your friend who loves pottery but probably would rather save the money for something else. Spoil them!



1. Other potter’s pots! (various $$)

This is hard to buy, but you can do some snooping on Instagram from the people your potter friend follows, and see if there are other potter’s creations your friend would love! 


2. Plants ($1+)

Go to your local nursery (such as this one in NWA) and buy a little plant to brighten up your potter friend’s studio!


3. Gift card ideas ($any)

Gift card to local pottery studios (these two in NWA: Fifth Street Studio & the Clay Bank), online pottery shops such as The Ceramic Shop, Krueger Pottery Supplies, etc.

If you have any other suggestions, pop them down below in the comments section for others to see!

Whether your favorite ceramicist is a beginner or a seasoned pro, these thoughtful gifts are sure to elevate their artistic journey. From essential tools to inspirational resources, each item in this gift guide is chosen with the intention of sparking creativity and enhancing the joy of working with clay. Happy gifting!

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