How often can I expect an email?
I usually send one email a month.

How do I know when a drop is about to happen?

All the drops will be announced via Instagram and via email. The next shop update date is usually also on the home page of my website (top banner).

When are the shop updates?

Usually last Saturday of the month.

Why are you pushing for email sign up?

The goal is independence from the gram. I appreciate you following along however you like best, but my income depends on people being notified that the shop is open. Depending on the gram means that many people won’t see the update, or will see it hours/days late. This way everyone gets it at the same time and has time to breathe before the site goes live. P.S., I want to live in a world with less dependence on IG <3

I will keep your email private. I will only use it to send you shop update & occasional blog about new exciting ceramic related things I work on.

Why is the site sold out?

Because my work is very time consuming and tedious. It usually takes 6 weeks to make a batch of 30 pieces. Not to mention all the administrative tasks such as photographing, measuring the pieces, sanding, cleaning, shipping etc. I work solo. Producing this work is extremely hard and I work long nights to make it happen. I love my work but it's slow, hard work nonetheless!

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me to be able to share my work with you in a meaningful way.