Self Care in the Studio

Self Care in the Studio

When I found ceramics, I went head over heels for it. I feel the passion and the creativity flowing through me. I think about ceramics all the time during the day; and when I lay in bed, I dwell on it some more. 

I've worked 16 hours a week on ceramics on top of my full time job, and sometimes it's exhausting. I am starting to realize that I need to put my mental and physical health first to avoid this foreseeable burn out.

In the beginning of 2022, I restarted running. I also started doing small hand stretches for a minute once I sit in my pottery chair. 

I also try to stretch out my back at the end of the day since I am hunched over the pottery wheel for a big chunk of the time in the studio.

These very small changes has helped me improve my life 1% better in the studio. What are some exercises / self-care you do around the studio?

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