Our Reused Packing Materials

Our Reused Packing Materials

Here in our whimsical magical world of Jingjing Ceramics, we aim to reuse, reduce, and recycle all packing materials. Your lovely mugs and home accessories will be shipped with mostly reused packing materials such as:

  • packing materials I've received from big box stores (i.e., Amazon, Walmart, etc.)
  • bio-degradable packing peanuts
  • colorful soft fabric scraps from my friend that would've been otherwise thrown out
  • bio-degradable butcher paper

Not everything can be recycled again, but we sure hope the colorful packaging brightens up your day! Bonus points if you can find ways to reuse these packing materials again.🧋

This idea of using scrap fabric instead of packing peanuts came when I first saw other ceramicists using colored peanuts in their packaging. After hours of research, I wasn't able to find economical ways to purchase these packing materials (the cheapest I found costs $50 for 3 cubic feet - which only lasts me 6-7 packages!) 

I mentioned this to my friend Kylie and Me that I really wanted to upgrade my packing materials to be colorful and also be eco-friendly while we were having a sewing party (btw you should check out her viral dinosaur pajama here), and she suggested we could use the colorful scrap fabric from all the pajamas!

Knowing how recycling materials also takes time, energy, and resources, the first steps we could do is find ways to reuse/repurpose things.  This way it keeps the scrap fabric from the landfill and repurpose them into a packing material. Since then I've been using scrap fleece fabric instead of packing peanuts for all my orders. 


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