My Best Year Yet - 2022 Goals

My Best Year Yet - 2022 Goals

Over the years, I find setting goals help me see a clear path to my target I want to achieve. I dedicate time in December (usually after Christmas) to sit down and set my next year's personal goals. 

Last year (2021) I had one goal related to pottery. It was to take one 6-week class at my local studio (fifth Street). Little did I know, by the end of 2021, I was going to the studio two hours a day, volunteer, and I also launched this ceramic website. I am extremely grateful for having the lovely community here to teach me and inspire me everyday.

So for next year, I have a few goals I set up. 

First and foremost, these are the goals directly relate to my ceramic works:

  • create 240 mugs (about 5 mugs a week)
  • create 6 new routine sculptures of unusual imaginary animals (not unicorns)
  • mix my own white & pink glaze
  • throw a 5 lb clay and master larger clay body
  • throw a 10 lb clay
  • create 100 bowls
  • take wheel III class with the studio
  • track my pottery hours & expenses

Here are marketing/social media related goals:

  • 5 Instagram posts a week
  • make 12 ASMR YouTube videos (this is completely new, and I am not sure if I'll be able to pull this off)
  • take a photography lesson about product photography / videos
  • sell at 2 local events (makers market in the Spring and Fall)
  • write 12 blogs (hooray, 11 to go!)

In my own bullet journal, I break each of these goals down to more achievable steps and check them off as I go. 

Usually I do a 2-3 months check-in with myself to see how my goals are going, and rate the areas that I want to spend more time on to make it a balanced improvement. I'd love to hear what your pottery goals are for 2022, please share it in the comments or shoot me a message!

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