Brushes on the Go: Mastering the Art of Traveling and Creating

Brushes on the Go: Mastering the Art of Traveling and Creating

One of the most liberating things about being a part-time artist is the ability to experiment with various artistic mediums. While I'm known for my ceramic creations that I share with the world, my love for art knows no bounds. Whether it's sketching, knitting, crafting jewelry, working with silver, bullet journaling, or nurturing a garden, I find joy in creating in any form.

This September, our journey led us to Italy, a land of rich culture, stunning landscapes, and historic cities. We embarked on a two-week adventure that included visits to friends in the Dolomites, where we decided to introduce Mr. Code Junkie to the beauty of Europe. Verona and Trieste were added to our itinerary to provide him with a true taste of Italy.

Our adventure in the Dolomites was a blend of exhilaration and unexpected challenges. We hiked for four days amidst the breathtaking scenery, and our spontaneity led us to attempt a via ferrata route, initially described as "for babies." However, we soon found ourselves on a sheer cliff, contemplating the intersection of mortality and nature. A group of well-prepared visitors from Germany and the Czech Republic came to our rescue (thank you, Yan, wherever you are). After the physically demanding escapades in the Dolomites, we embraced the comfort of a train ride to Verona.

It was in Verona that I began my quest to indulge in all things carb-related. Mornings were spent at quaint coffee shops, savoring dreamy croissants and cappuccinos. What better time to take out my trusty notebook and start sketching the impressive cathedrals and ancient amphitheaters that surrounded us?

Below, I share some of my sketches along with the references that inspired them, inviting you to join me in reliving the artistic moments of our Italian adventure.

1. Roman Theater in Verona at sunrise:

2. Verona Duomo (Verona  Cathedral):

3. Trieste Piazza Unita D'Italia (Unity of Italy Square)

Here are my supplies:

  • Strathmore watercolor journal (link)
  • Mungyo Water Color Palette (link)
  • Water Color brush (link)
  • Pigma Micron 05 (link)

I hope you get inspired to draw some things you see next time you go to a new place too!



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