Bentonville in Color Project

Bentonville in Color Project

Here's the links for those who are already familiar with the project and are just looking for the google form page and GoFundMe page. 


One sentence project description:

A collection of vibrant and whimsical watercolor depictions of Bentonville’s points of interest to be used as postcards and information booklets that showcase our community. 

Project Summary: 

I will draw, paint, and digitize a booklet of watercolor pieces containing ten of Bentonville’s most endearing places, not just tourist attractions, but also the everyday places that make it our home. These depictions can be standalone, or include a write up of what they mean to me as the artist, or crowdsourced comments and memories of the sceneries from the community. Some ideas include:

  • Bentonville square and fountain
  • Crystal Bridges
  • The Chapel and stain glass at ‘The Preacher’s Son’ 
  • A collage of local eatery food and brews such as Pedaler's pub, Sai Wok, Bike Rack, Scotch & Soda, etc.
  • The old barn at the river crossing on the Coler Mountain Bike Reserve
  • ‘The Momentary’ and its lights at night
  • A mountain biker on a steep bank in the ‘Slaughter Pen’ trail system

Suggestions and considerations from the community are welcome. Please fill out this google form by December 31, 2022 and we will vote for the most favorite 10 places in January 2023.


What can be included?

  The ten depictions can include anything from architecture, restaurants and shops, to parks, natural features, or any other iconic Bentonville landmarks. 


Why does the project matter to Bentonville Community?

I moved to Bentonville as a newly naturalized citizen after only having experienced the largest cities of America. I distinctly remember landing in the Bentonville airport for the first time on my own and feeling uneasy about this new part of America that I never experienced before. Driving out of XNA, the blackness of the farmlands at night was a stark difference from the never sleeping lights of LA and Chicago.I questioned my judgment and my place in this town that night.

Fast forward Five years, I can hardly imagine living anywhere else. My friends from LA, and family from China and Philadelphia often scoff at the idea of me making my home in the ‘rural’ south. I try to impress upon them the significance of Northwest Arkansas, but they often don’t fully understand the way we live until they visit.

I want others to understand what we innately do after making Bentonville our home; It defies any expectations you may have, and is a place of cultural diversity, community, and opportunities that I rarely saw in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. I want this project to convey the way I see Bentonville, as a home and accepting community that shines to locals and visitors alike. 

How will you use the GoFundMe funds to make your project happen?

Each of these paintings will take upwards of 20 hours to produce which will include taking reference photos, drawing, painting, and digitizing. I budgeted a total of 200 hours for creating the whole collection, plus administrative time to publish and print.

Most of the funds will be used initially for supplies and the cost of printing. The Bentonville Soup would only cover about 20% of my budgeted time, but I will be funded from additional sources for the remaining time.

Cost of materials $200
Cost of printing $800
Total Materials $1000 (initial cost)


A portion of the profits I make from the postcard booklet and/or exhibit sales would go towards funding a scholarship for students who cannot afford the tuition for Fifth Street Studio, a local ceramic studio where I perfect my art. 

I am hoping with this money, we will be able to give someone else a chance to have a creative outlet, a new skill they can generate income, as well as joining the community that has supported me.


How are you compensated for your time as an artist for this project?

I did not account for my time into the donation so I can start the project sooner with lower financial constraints. I plan on taking 50% of the profit to compensate for my time until it reaches my hourly rate for the amount of hours I worked on the illustrations ($25/hour budgeted 200-240 hours for a total of $5,000 - $6,000).  Then after that 100% of the profit would go towards the scholarship fund indefinitely.


What is the status and time frame for your project?

This would be a self-funded project and include no other partners. The planned project timeline is 6 months starting January 2023. At the end of the 6 months I will have physical copies of the depictions printed in the format of postcards and/or a booklet, as well as digitized versions that can be distributed on social media or any other medium. The money from Gofundme would help kickstart the initial cost of materials and the printing costs. 


Why do you not just ask to fund the scholarship directly?

I wanted to find a way to perpetually fund the scholarship so the $1000 starting cost will help me create the postcards which can be printed and sold many times. This will scale up the donation people make (instead of one-time donation) and be able to fund the scholarship perpetually.


how could you share about its progress/completion?

This idea was presented at Bentonville Soup on November 17, 2022. I will post on my Instagram as well as share on Bentonville Soup Instagram with the progress. 

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