A Minimalist's Art Market Checklist

A Minimalist's Art Market Checklist

I am an advocate of minimalism when it comes to packing and preparing for your very first art market. Here's a list of essential items I bring to my art market. I find that when I bring less items, there are less to keep track of, and it calms me more than having all possible supplies. For example, I don't bring pens to a market because if I need to take notes, I'll just use my phone. Try not to bring too much to your market so you don't feel even more overwhelmed!


  • Tent
  • Umbrella
  • Table (with table stilts)
  • Two chairs
  • Display shelves & crates


  • Business Cards
  • Business Sign
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Phone charger and external battery
  • Wrapping paper & bags
  • Cash (if you decide to accept cash)
  • Venmo/CashApp/Paypal QR code


  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Tylenol
Feel free to add in the comments below your favorite or must-have item for an art market!
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